Malina DOLLHOUSE Store rules



For the purposes of the regulations, the following terms are adopted:

1. Buyer - a natural person or a legal person

2. Customer - a natural person who concludes a sales contract with the Seller not related directly to its business or professional activity

3. Regulations - these regulations are available at in the "Store rules"

4. Store - online store operating at

5. Seller – 

Agnieszka Urban

ul. Krzycka 83B/3

53-019 Wrocław


NIP 9910296344

REGON 385011399



1. The Seller conducts retail sale via the Store, providing electronic services to the Buyers.

2. The Buyer may purchase the products displayed on the Store's website. Presented are finished products and custom products.

3. The Regulations set out the terms and conditions of using the Store as well as the rights and obligations of the Seller and the Buyer.

4. To use the Store and make a purchase in the Store you need a computer or other mobile device with a web browser and Internet access.

5. The condition for the purchase of the product is acceptance of these regulations.

6. When purchasing, it is necessary to provide the Customer's name, surname and email address.

7. All products are brand new.

8. The products presented on the Store are handicrafts designed for people from 14 years of age.


1. The Seller provides services electronically via the Store to the Buyer.

2. The basic service provided electronically to the Buyer by the Seller is to enable the Buyer to place an order in the Store.

3. It is not necessary to create an account to place an order. You must provide your name, email address and address.

4. The Buyer can create a user account to which he will log in using his e-mail address and password. The User's account will contain the Buyer's data and the history of orders placed in the Store. In this case, the Seller provides the electronic service to the Buyer consisting in setting up and maintaining an account in the Store.

5. Creating an account in the Store is done by completing and sending the registration form available on the Store's website. At the moment of sending the form, a contract for keeping an account in the Store between the Seller and the Buyer is concluded. The buyer may terminate the contract at any time with immediate effect by deleting the account.

6. The services provided electronically by the Seller to the Buyer are free of charge. Sales contracts concluded via the Store are payable.



1. Orders can be placed in the Store as a registered user or as a guest.

2. The Buyer must provide true personal information on the order form. The Buyer is liable for providing false personal data. The Seller reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order in a situation where the Buyer provided false data or if the data raises legitimate doubts of the Seller as to their correctness. In this case, the Buyer will be informed by phone or e-mail about doubts of the Seller. In such a situation, the Buyer has the right to explain all circumstances related to verifying the veracity of the given data. In the absence of data allowing the Seller to contact the Buyer, the Seller will provide any explanations after the Buyer has made contact.

3. The Buyer declares that all data provided by him in the order form are true, while the Seller is not obliged to verify their accuracy and correctness, although he has such permission in accordance with paragraph 6 above.

4. All information about the products can be obtained by writing a message to the email address or by calling +48 668 154 568.

5. All prices given on the Store are gross prices given in Polish zlotys. The given prices do not include transport costs.

6. When placing an order for custom products, payment is required in advance for the order.

7. Delivery time is 2-3 business days for finished products and about 4 weeks for custom products.

8. Delivery of a shipment to a carrier or delivery of goods for personal collection is understood.


1. Goods are sent to the address given in the order or forwarded for personal collection.

2. The costs of delivery are covered by the Buyer, unless the Seller specifies otherwise.

3. The buyer has a choice of different forms of delivery within the territory of the Republic of Poland. The price depends on the type of delivery and the size of the shipment and is specified each time when placing the order. Current delivery prices are listed in the 'Shipping and Returns' tab.

4. If you choose another carrier or shipment outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, please contact the Seller before ordering to determine the cost of delivery.

5. The Customer is informed about shipping costs before ordering.

6. Personal collection does not involve additional delivery costs for the Buyer.

7. For the purpose of personal collection, the Buyer should contact the Seller in order to establish the date of receipt. Contact details are included in the "Contact us" tab.

8. Goods in stock are shipped within 3 business days, products on order within 4 weeks of placing an order. The date of placing the order is the date of posting the payment to the Seller's account.


1. Available payment methods:

a. Traditional transfer to the Seller's account: 

Agnieszka Urban, ul. Krzycka 83B/3, 53-019 Wrocław, Poland,

PLN account number - ING Bank Polski 38 1050 1575 1000 0097 2335 8892

EURO account number - ING Bank Polski 54 1050 1575 1000 0097 2336 3454

b. PayPal

c. card payment

d. electronic transfer - przelewy24

e. payment in cash on a personal collection

f. cash on delivery

2. When paying by traditional bank transfer, we wait 7 days for the payment to be made. The product is booked during this time. If after 7 business days there is no payment from the Buyer, the order is canceled.

3. With cash on delivery, you must pay for the goods when picking up the package.



1. The Customer may withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days from receiving the order without giving a reason.

2. To withdraw from the contract, complete the printout of withdrawal from the contract and sign it in person by e-mail a scan to After receiving the withdrawal form we will confirm its receipt.

3. Within 14 days of sending the printout of the withdrawal from the contract, the product should be packed and sent to the following address: Agnieszka Urban, ul. Krzycka 83B/3, 53-019 Wrocław, Poland.

4. Returned products must be intact, they must not bear traces of use.

5. After receiving the parcel, we will refund the cost of the products and the cost of the cheapest possible shipment available in the Store, if you have not used the free shipment.

6. For products made to order, the right to withdraw from the contract does not apply.


1. The products are covered by a 24-month warranty calculated from the day of picking up the product or delivering the parcel.

2. Complaints should be submitted to the email address

3. When submitting a complaint, a parcel should be delivered together with a completed complaint notification sent earlier by e-mail.

4. The complaint is considered within 14 days from the date of delivery to the Seller.

5. If the product is inconsistent with the contract, the Customer may request to bring it into conformity with the contract by free repair or exchange for a new one, unless repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive costs. When assessing the excess of costs, the value of the goods in accordance with the contract is taken into account, as well as the type and degree of non-compliance.

6. The Customer loses the rights specified in point 5 of this article, if before the expiry of two months from finding the non-conformity of the goods with the contract, he will not notify the Seller of this fact. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send a notification before its expiry and to deliver the product complained within 14 calendar days from the moment of submitting the notification.

7. In the case of shipping the advertised product, the cost of shipping is covered by the Customer.


1. Definitions

For the purposes of this privacy policy, the following terms are used:

1.1. Administrator - Agnieszka Urban, ul. Krzycka 83B / 3, 53-019 Wrocław, Poland.

1.2. Store - online store available at

1.3. Website - Services available at

1.4. User - any entity that reviews the content of the Website.

1.5. RODO - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC

2. Personal data

2.1. The Administrator of the User's personal data within the meaning of the RODO is the Administrator.

2.2. The User may transfer his personal data to the Administrator using the forms available on the Website, in particular the order form, the subscription form for the newsletter and the contact form.

2.3. The legal basis for the processing of Users' personal data is the voluntary, specific, informed and unambiguous consent of the User expressed by means of the appropriate form on the Website.

2.4. Personal data may also be processed in cases in which the Administrator is authorized to process personal data on the basis of legal provisions or to implement the contract concluded between the parties.

2.5. Personal data provided to the Administrator by the User as part of the order form are processed for the purpose of executing a distance contract through the Store. Providing personal data by the User is voluntary, but necessary for the User to conclude a sales contract with the Administrator. These data will be processed for the duration of the order and for the fulfillment of the statutory duties of the administrator (eg tax and accounting), as well as for claims.

2.6. Personal data provided to the Administrator by the User as part of the subscription form for the newsletter are processed in order to send the User a newsletter containing information about new products and promotions. Providing personal data by the User is voluntary, but necessary for the User to sign up and receive the newsletter. Data processing for this purpose takes place only with the consent of the User, which the User may express in the subscription form for the newsletter and may withdraw it at any time. These data will be processed until the newsletter is discontinued or the User has previously withdrawn its consent.

2.7. Personal data provided to the Administrator by the User as part of the contact form are processed in order to respond to the inquiry sent via the form. Providing personal data by the User is voluntary but necessary for the User to receive a response. The processing of data for this purpose is based on the legitimate interest pursued by the administrator (Art.6.1 (ffRODO). These data will be processed until the end of correspondence and 2 years from its completion.

2.8. The Administrator may entrust personal data to other entities with the help of which he implements the goals indicated in the previous points (eg to companies providing hosting services, accounting firms, courier companies).

2.9. The Administrator guarantees the confidentiality of all personal data provided to him.

2.10. Personal data is collected with due diligence and properly protected against access by unauthorized persons, and their processing is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in detail in:

a. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC,

b. the act of July 18, 2002 for the provision of electronic services,

c. Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data.

3. User rights

3.1. The User has the rights related to the processing of his personal data, including:

a. the right to access data

b. the right to correct data

c. the right to limit data processing

d. the right to object to data processing

e. the right to delete data (the so-called right to be forgotten)

f. the right to transfer data

g. the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body in connection with the processing of personal data by the Administrator

3.2. The User has the right to withdraw his consent at any time, if the User previously gave his consent.

3.3. In order to exercise its rights, the User should send a request to:    

4. Information collected

4.1. When the User uses the Website, the User's data is automatically collected. This data includes, among others: IP address, domain name, browser type, type of operating system. These data can be collected by cookies (so-called cookies), and can also be saved in server logs.

4.2. Cookies (cookies) are files sent to a computer or other device (eg laptop, smartphone, tablet) of the User when viewing the Website. Cookies store the User's preferences, which enables the improvement of the quality of services provided, the improvement of search results and the accuracy of the information displayed, and anonymous tracking of the User's preferences.

4.3. The consent for storing or accessing cookies by the Administrator on his device is expressed by the user using the browser settings installed on the User's device.

4.4. The user can opt out of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in the web browser used by him. In such a situation, the use of the Website by the User may be difficult (eg the site may work slower).

4.5. The User may delete the existing cookies from the device using the appropriate functions of the web browser, programs used for this purpose or using the appropriate tools available under the operating system used by the User.

4.6. Using the Website involves sending queries to the server on which the Website is stored. Each such query is saved in the server logs. The logs include, among others: User's IP address, date and time of logging into the server, information about the web browser used and the operating system.

4.7. The data stored in the server logs are not linked in any way to specific Users of the Website and are not used by the Administrator to identify the User. Server logs are used to administer the Website, and their content is not disclosed to anyone except those authorized to administer the server.

4.8. The Website uses technologies that register anonymously the actions taken by the User when using the Website. These include:

a.Google Analytics - used to analyze website statistics

b.Facebook Pixel - used to manage and optimize Facebook ads

4.9. The data obtained by these tools are not linked in any way to specific Users of the Website and are not used by the Administrator to identify the User.

4.10. The consequence of using technologies mentioned in § 3 p. 8 will be to optimize the Website, its content and the offer of Products to the User's needs.

5. The purpose of data usage

Data provided by the User or collected automatically, the Administrator uses them in order to:

a. proper functioning, configuration, security of the Website,

b. monitoring the state of the session,

c. analysis, research and audit of Web page views,

d. implementation of contracts concluded via the Website (execution of orders placed in the Store)

e. as well as for statistical and marketing purposes.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. This document may include changes that may be influenced by the development of Internet technology, changes in the law regarding the protection of personal data and the development of our Website and Store. All changes will be communicated to Users immediately in a visible and understandable way.

6.2. Any questions or remarks regarding the Privacy Policy and cookies should be sent to:


These regulations are effective from March 20, 2020.