Malina dollhouse is a response to the lack of toned, ecological houses and furniture for Barbie dolls in stores. Dollhouses and furniture are usually plastic, in all shades of pink, flashy. I wanted to create houses and furniture for dolls, which will be toned down and will be well presented in modern children's rooms. Delicate styling will calm the children's senses, and modern design will allow them to dress with good design.


My adventure with little furniture started as I was a child. I made houses of cardboard, furniture from everything I found, I sewed a sofa and many clothes. Something from these houses was left because I became an architect. Later I became a mother of a daughter and the dream of small objects came back. Unfortunately, the stores are dominated by plastic and flashy pink houses, so I looked for an alternative. In combination of all this, I started to make furniture made of plywood, materials, scale 1:6. The daughters are delighted and I combined my passion with the profession.


Natural and safe materials - Polish hygienic grade E1 plywood, wood, cotton, viscose, glue with a toy safety certificate and water acrylic paint with a toy safety certificate, polyester filling of pillows and quilts and upholstery foam with oeko-tex certificate. These materials are used in production and are safe for children.

Native production - all semi-finished products as well as the final product are made in Poland.

Handmade - All production stages, apart from cutting out plywood elements, are made by hand. All elements are polished (with the help of power tools), glued, painted and stitched on a sewing machine with attention to every detail.

Design - Furniture and houses are modeled on real designer furniture and designed in every detail, subdued, allowing the child to use the imagination.

Architectural and aesthetic education - through the use of subdued color combinations, simple, modern form and modern design.

I make all the furniture by hand from plywood, I am polishing with attention to every detail, I glue with a toy safety certificate, I paint with water-proof acrylic paint with a toy safety certificate, neck linens and cushions made of soft material. I use only glue to connect the plywood, there are no metal elements, no nails. All this so that children would be happy and be able to move into the world of fun, play scenes from adult life in their mini four corners with the help of dolls, of course safe toys for them.