Malina DOLLHOUSE is a Polish brand that manufactures furniture and dollhouses for dolls up to 30 cm tall, which means it will fit the Barbie doll and her other friends.

The houses are compact in size to fit even the smallest children's room, but deep enough to fit in furniture.

The furniture itself is designed to resemble the "adult furniture", but at the same time is safe due to its construction. They delight the little ones, but also adults cannot pass by indifferently. I think that most of us would like to find ourselves in a miniature world and sit on a soft sofa or cook dinner in a miniature kitchen.


The most important brand features:

modern design

natural and safe materials

hand made with attention to detail

made in Poland


Since you are here, you are certainly familiar with these values. Welcome to the miniature world. Have fun!

Agnieszka (yes, I am the creator of this shrine)